The Governance Model is the set of agreements that define how decisions are made in the Network to ensure collaborative, efficient and transparent management. Some of the questions that the Governance Model answers are how partners are linked, what the communication channels are, and the guidelines to receive funding, among other aspects.

We are a knowledge network based on citizen science that works for the preservation and management of the Amazon Basin. Citizens and scientists build knowledge from an integrated watershed approach, relying on technology and innovation to generate accessible, reliable and timely data and information.

Our purpose is to generate and share knowledge about freshwater ecosystems throughout the Amazon Basin for informed decision making in favor of human and environmental well-being.

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1-  Governance Structure

  • General Assembly
  • Steering Committee
  • Management Team
  • Collaboration Groups
  • Commitee of Conduct

Learn more about the governance structure by reviewing the Statutes [ES] [PT] [EN]


2 – Operational figure

Managed from a host organization. Currently WCS is the organization that manages the administrative and financial aspects, and that legally represents the Network.


To learn more, read the Network’s Creation Certificate [ES].

Terms of Reference of the Management Group (Link)


3 – Involvement model

Voluntary membership to be a member, with a letter of commitment to formalize it. Members may join once the Steering Committee approves their participation. There may also be interested parties and strategic allies.

Learn about the involvement models in the Terms and Conditions of Participation:

  • Code of Conduct (ES) (PT)
  • Terms and Conditions of Membership [ES] [PT] [EN]
  • Partner involvement application request [ES] [PT] [EN]
  • Letter of Commitment from the Partners [ES] [PT] [EN]
  • Terms of Reference of the Collaboration Groups [ES]
  • Request for the formation of the Collaboration Groups [ES]
  • Agreements and action plan: Collaboration Groups [ES]


4 – Decision Making Model

  • Executive: General Assembly
  • Upper Management and technical: Steering Committee
  • Management and technical: Team
  • Manager / Host Organization
  • Technical: Collaboration Groups

For more information on the Decision Making Model, please review the Operating Agreements