Dr. Jorge Estivarez Justiniano Ictological Museum CIRA UABJB



Dr. Jorge Estivarez Justiniano Ictological Museum CIRA UABJB

The Dr. Jorge Estivarez Justiniano Ictological Museum, under the Aquatic Resources Research Center (CIRA) of the Autonomous University of Beni "José Ballivián", is a center that contributes to scientific and cultural tourism, which contributes to science through the exhibition of samples of preserved and living specimens of the Amazon Basin. The museum also strengthens the formative process of students from different academic units through the opening of pre-professional practices, internships, directed works, theses and projects. The museum also promotes cultural tourism through the influx of local tourists, students, schoolchildren, national and foreign tourists for study en recreation. With this purpose it works as an educational, interactive and itinerant museum for conservation and supporting to students, local, regional and national population through socialization workshops in order to sensitize people about the importance, conservation and sustainable management of the ichthyofauna of the region.

Category: Organization
Headquarters Country: Bolivia
Level of Expertise: Local National
Type of Institution: Other Research Institute

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