Earth Innovation Institute



Earth Innovation Institute

Earth Innovation Institute (EII) is an applied research and policy institute that provides direct technical, strategic and convening support to governments, companies, indigenous peoples’, fishers organizations and farmers in support of jurisdictional REDD+ and low-emission rural development. EII is working in three Amazon countries: Brazil, Peru and Colombia to support tropical jurisdictions that are striving to lower their greenhouse gas emissions from land use as they conserve biodiversity and water resources, secure food production systems, and strengthen traditional and indigenous claims on natural resources. EII’s fisheries work is largely concentrated in Brazil where we work with a range of stakeholders to develop policies and institutional arrangements for the community-based management of floodplain fisheries in the Lower Amazon region of western Pará. Earth Innovation Institute is based in Berkeley, California and has teams of in-country experts in Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Indonesia.

Category: Organization
Level of Expertise: International
Type of Institution: NGO

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