Kedma Yamamoto



Kedma Yamamoto

Team Coordinator of the Ichthyology Laboratory - LABIC, linked to the Fisheries Engineering Course of the Department of Fisheries Sciences, Faculty of Agrarian Sciences- Federal University of Amazonas. Since 2013, they have been developing researchs in the areas of Ichthyology, Ecology and Fisheries Resources Management in the Amazon region, especially in the Negro River basin. Their main objective has been to contribute to basic and applied knowledge about the fish assemblages of the Negro River and their interaction with the environment and humans. Human resources from LABID, train courses as lectures, extension activities, tutoring of undergraduate, master's and doctoral students represents its commitment to society, to form citizens aware of their role in the preservation of the Amazonian fishery resources. Currently, through the Regional Fish Collection of the Ichthyology Laboratory, which received financial support from FAPEAM, the laboratory's objectives have been expanded, giving visibility to the role of a fish collection through online platforms with access to society.


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