SAPOPEMA was founded in 2002 by professors, students and employees of Universidad Federal de Pará-UFPA Campus de Santarém. The first scientific activity was the collaboration for the "Mapping and Diagnosis of Biodiversity of the Amazonas National Park and Itaituba National Forests I and II: subsidies for the management plan", in the region of the middle Tapajós River. Subsequently, a SAPOPEMA began its work in the lowland region of the Lower Amazon, where it is developing current projects. In recent years, SAPOPEMA has worked intensively with riverine communities seeking to strengthen the sustainable management of fisheries and other natural resources in the floodplain. For that purpose, it currently has several institutional partners linked to the fishing activity in the lower Amazon, such as MOPEBAM, the Fishermen's Colonies of the different municipalities and, especially, the Z-20 Colony in Santarém, where the SAPOPEMA headquarters are located.

Category: Organization
Headquarters Country: Brazil
Level of Expertise: National
Type of Institution: Research Institute

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Students complete a year of fish monitoring in the Tapajós and Amazon basins.

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