USFQ – Universidad San Francisco de Quito



USFQ – Universidad San Francisco de Quito

The Aquatic Ecology Laboratory (LEA-USFQ), under the direction of Dr. Andrea Encalada, has worked in scientific and community monitoring in the rivers of the Napo Basin and in the Pastaza Basin, part of the great Amazon basin. In scientific work, it focuses in describing the diversity of aquatic organisms (including invertebrates, fish, and aquatic vertebrates), and the key ecological processes along the elevation gradient from the Andes to the lower Amazon. A primary interest has been to study the effect of Climate Change on aquatic biodiversity and key ecological processes along these gradients. LEA has also worked on water quality monitoring, with groups of scientific and community researchers. A book was recently published for community monitoring of the Andean-Amazonian rivers.

Category: Organization
Headquarters Country: Ecuador
Level of Expertise: National
Type of Institution: Other

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