We are a citizen science-based knowledge network working for the preservation of the Amazon Basin.

More than 20 organizations from Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, the United States, France and Peru are working in order to connect people and organizations throughout the Amazon Basin.

Together we collect and share information in order to understand Amazonian fish migrations and the environmental factors that influence them.

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Integrated and scaled vision of the Amazon Basin:

We focus our work in the Amazon Basin from a multi-scale and integrative view with a watershed approach, recognizing that the Amazon ecosystem is interconnected and requires a local, regional and global view to address its preservation and development. We recognize that data must be aggregated and accessible at multiple levels so that it can effectively inform preservation or management decisions where they are made – for example, communities, social organizations, sub-basins, political jurisdictions, or the entire Amazon Basin. The network’s thematic priorities focus on freshwater ecosystems (starting with the water and fish) and their interrelationship with people.

Respect: For human rights and the sovereignty of countries, their territories, knowledge and culture.

Innovation, experimentation and learning: 

We are an experimentation space where we build new things from everyone´s experience. As part of this, we explore new inquiries and promote innovation to solve concrete problems. We seek to develop functional technological solutions according to the context in which they are required, encouraging low cost and autonomy of use, especially by local communities.  


We ease the creation of connections between scientists and civil society, with their own objectives and working together in collaboration participatory spaces. We believe in building partnerships that benefit each other in the generation of knowledge. We promote fair collaboration based on transparency and ethics.

Positioned openness:

We promote a culture of openness. We seek that the network contributes with data and information that is open to society for decision making. However, we recognize that the generation of knowledge must respond to its context and be responsible for the potential impacts it may generate. For this reason, we believe that the network must be mindful of what, when and how the data and information from the network is shared.

Knowledge diversity:

We build knowledge on the pillars of citizen science and open science. We recognize the diversity of knowledge and wisdom, and the need to discuss and to integrate, especially regarding local and indigenous knowledge and wisdom. We promote interdisciplinarity, interculturality, view diversity and types of knowledge as keys to the development of our objectives.