Karen Castillo



Karen Castillo

Peruvian biologist, master student of the Ecologia e Conservação da Biodiversidade Program at UFMT, with deep interest in the study of relationships between people and nature, as a fundamental part of conservation. My first experience in the field of Citizen Science was working with artisanal fishermen on the north coast of Peru, to generate information on their catches and later on their interaction with sea lions. In 2018 I participated in the Peces en el Manu project of SDZG-P, working and learning with fishermen from Matsigenka villages in the Manu National Park, in order to generate information about their fishing as part of the Citizen Science for the Amazon project, and also collecting through interviews and other tools, their knowledge about fish, the river, the associated myths, and participating in fishing activities. Currently, I have a great interest in analyzing Citizen Science data for the Amazon obtained from Ictio as part of my master's dissertation project, hoping to contribute to the network, the return of data and feedback with the scientific citizens involved in the project.

Category: People
Headquarters Country: Peru


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