MOPEBAM – Lower Amazon Fishermen’s Movement Association



MOPEBAM – Lower Amazon Fishermen’s Movement Association

MOPEBAM is a non-profit organization of fishermen of the Lower Amazon, Western Paraense, which brings together 13 fishing colonies, and has among its objectives to represent the collective interests of these colonies, to improve living and working conditions for fishermen and artisanal fisherwomen, as well as to promote their self-organization and that of their associations, to strengthen them to defend the environment and bioecological conditions for the maintenance of fish stocks, through Community Fishing Agreements, Municipal and Regional Fisheries Management. The entity promotes Ordinary Assemblies twice a year, with representatives of the Colonies, where they collectively elaborate their annual plan, leveling actions, in addition to periodic meetings to dialogue and monitor changes in the fishing policy. In this sense, it has been carrying out several projects in the region with the support of various partners since 2010. The project entitled "Construction of Consultation Protocols for the Conservation and Defense of the Fishing Territory in the Lower Paraná Amazon" with the support of the Fund is being finalized by the Socio-environmental House and the Institutional Alliance of Sapopema. Currently, a Letter of Intent has been signed with TNC (The Nature Conservancy) to carry out the Project "Construction and Baseline Diagnosis for Fishermen in the Middle and Lower Tapajós" (planned start: 03/2020; completion: 10/2021), which aims to contribute to the institutional strengthening of the organization of fishermen in the Middle and Lower Tapajós Region, to improve the fisheries management process in the Tapajós Basin.

Category: Organization
Headquarters Country: Brazil
Level of Expertise: National
Type of Institution: NGO


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