Roxana Arauco



Roxana Arauco

Biologist with more than 15 years of experience in the Amazon region of southeastern Peru in multiple roles, including research, diversity monitoring, tourism, intercultural education, management of biological stations, and coordination of research programs and rural education. These experiences, in the field and in the office, leading or collaborating, have allowed her to interact with leaders and decision makers, as well as with their grassroots, in different areas, and to face challenges to resolve social and environmental conflicts and to improve educational and conservation initiatives. All interactions in turn enriched and continue to enrich her perspectives on the complexities of the economic and social context of the Amazonian landscape. Furthermore, it made evident the need and urgency to incorporate traditional, indigenous and local knowledge, and the holders of said knowledge to the discussion table, especially if we want to achieve sustainable results both ecologically and socially. To contribute and be part of sustainable and significant changes, she has joined and/or led several initiatives that support this democratization of the conservation science and practice, including initiatives from San Diego Zoo Global Peru, Frankfurt Zoological Society, WCS, CINCIA , Fauna forever, UNDP and Manu National Park.


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