Press Room

  • May312022
    Prochilodus nigricans

    Ictio in four years of growth and collaboration!

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  • Feb282022

    How to face oil spills and their effects? Specialists from different countries share their experiences

    Written by: Daniel Villavicencio – Pronaturaleza To better understand the causes and effects of oil spills in the region, specialists…

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  • Feb092022

    Ictio data doubled in 2021

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  • Nov032021

    Ictio Data Update – September 2021

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  • Nov092020

    The piraiba, an unbeknownst giant

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  • May292020

    An impressive migration is interrupted

    Text: Claudia Acosta, Fabrice Duponchele, Gina Leite, Guido Miranda & Vanessa Eyng.   A journey of almost 11 thousand kilometers.…

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  • May252020

    The smallest smallest – because migration is not just a matter of size

    By Vanessa Eyng y Guido Miranda Collaborators: Claudia Acosta and Gina Leite   The Tacana people are located in the…

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  • May232020

    Looking at Amazonian turtles and the importance of monitoring them

    By Camila Fagundes and Camila Ferrara – WCS Brasil    The turtles of the Amazon, like many other animals, move…

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  • May222020

    Biodiversity on the move

    Te invitamos a explorar los movimientos por los ríos de la Cuenca Amazónica La Red Ciencia Ciudadana para la Amazonía…

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  • Apr152020

    New partners of the Citizen Science Network for the Amazon

    The Citizen Science Network for the Amazon is growing. Welcome to todxs; it is a pleasure to collaborate with you!…

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